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Dear Samsung, You suck!!

Not really, but I keep seeing this trend with my favorite phone. Don’t buy the even numbered releases, but the odd numbered ones!  This is why I don’t think the S8 Active is a winner…

My first Samsung phone was the S5 Active.  I was looking for a phone that fit my lifestyle a little better. I’d lost all hope after Apple lost a few years of photos backed up on their cloud and went on the hunt.   Samsung’s Active line fit the bill perfectly for me and wasn’t a big deal since I was already an AT&T customer.  I mean it is awesome to be able to take a picture of a fish you just caught while still hooked standing in the middle of a river.  I mean, it is “Active” so that’s what I have used them for.

Samsung S5 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Preliminary Review

So I’m 5 days into my recently upgrade Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and here is the skinny on it. I’m not going into tech specs, drop tests or other things that have been posted a hundred times over. So what we have now (and all I can compare it to is from the S5 Active) is a pretty awesome phone.  It is a bit heavier than the its predecessors due to its huge 4000mah battery.

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