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A state of my photography

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Update on my photography

Wow, what a year and huge steps into my personal photography.  What started out as a venture to just increase my overall skill set as gone full bore, balls to the wall shutterbug nut.  My focus was just step up my game in Landscape, Weather and Food photography but now I am doing it all.  It would seem I am slowly developing a creative style beyond my original intentions for this blog and here I am today.  Added notches to the camera strap include, Long Exposure, Astro, Macro and Portrait.

Way Before

My journey in photography didn’t start with a smartphone.  It started at a garage sale at the age of 10 where I procured an ancient Zeiss Ikon.  I was able to get film and my father showed me some basics  but I was dirt poor.  There wasn’t much money and surely not much to get film processed.  But this wasn’t my mother’s Brownie 110 so I was good.

Later in my teens I was loaned a Nikon FG with a small selection of AI-S lenses and I was off to the races for over a year.  Using all manual lenses made you think and even more so with film.  My cousin was into astrophotography so  we would spend hours photographing the moon, stars and sunspots.  There was a crazy solar maximum going on so it made sense to do so.

By the time I was 16 I was pretty busy with music, ham radio, being a teen and working.  I worked at a video transfer company in Orlando which happened to be one of a few in the country at the time that did this.  I would spend what seemed to be an eternity splicing 8mm and 16mm film together.  We would then shoot this film through a loom lens into a video camera and record it to VHS.  I did this for a long time until the business never caught up to the changing time of digital and went under.

My biggest regret is that I never got to keep any of this photos and videos of my youth.  They were lost to my nomadic lifestyle.

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Trampled by Turtles @ The Vouge Indy

I’ve been listening to this band for a few years now and finally had the pleasure of seeing them perform live.

What a treat to experience and not to be missed again.  Their progressive bluegrass is a joyous thing to behold upon your ears and even more so live. Slowly getting back into vinyl DJ’ing I decided to grab 2 records and a T-Shirt.  I haven’t bought a shirt at a concert in over 25 years and I love every overpriced dollar I paid for it.   Their music gave me goosebumps throughout their set….. just amazing performance by these guys!!!!

Check them out, definitely a great band to add to your playlists.

Official TBT Website

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