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The Epic 2017 Adventure Part 2

I was all geared up, tested and ready to go when the winds of change would once again blow in my direction.   An incoming text message from my friend Oliver popped up on my phone about a week before the eclipse.  “Hey Aaron, I’m heading to John’s why don’t you come down and go to the eclipse with us?” John being an old friend whom I haven’t seen in a  very long time and had been nearly two years since Oliver and I  had crossed paths, this got the wheels turning.  Shortly after another friend of mine posted on FaceBook she would be in that same area for the event as well.  Well who am I to argue with the universe if I get to spend the eclipse with 3 friends now?  It seemed that more than just the moon and sun were coming into alignment for this particular journey.

Sometimes traveling on the wind can be fun yet frustrating.

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The Epic 2017 Adventure Part 1

I’ve always been able to find adventure everywhere I go and this trip was no different. This year’s trip was overdue, needed and unexpectedly one of the best two weeks I have experienced on so many levels.  After a long spell of recovery from a motorcycle accident and an Indiana winter, I was foaming at the mouth to get out and do something grand this year.  The previous big trip was in October of 2015 and due to work and the accident the walls were starting to creep in on me.  This is not how I like to live my life and my no means should one ever be incarcerated by their vocation and confined to a life that does not facilitate living life.

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Eclipse Update!!!

Sorry for the late update. Bill and I left TN the day after the eclipse and went our separate directions.  I wound up in NC that night.  The hotel had wifi…. obviously connected to a 1200K phone modem so I left and worked my way south to catch up with yet another friend.  I have found intewebs and the speedy kind!!!!

So for all of those who wanted pictures of the event, here you go.  I am still working on the composites of the eclipse from the 2 different cameras and the milky way photos captured over there my stay at Pigeon Roost.

But I wanted to get these thrown up anyways as it is and I’ll come back to the blog later when time permits.

Pre-Eclipse@Pigeon Roost

Eclipse2017@Pigeon Roost


More to come soon as time permits

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