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Starting something like this is not as fun as it used to be. After the 100’s of websites I have built over the years the luster of site creation has lost its luster.  Fear not, I prod along wasting bytes of data just to get this thing up to speed.  Lots of work has gone into just setting up separate social media avenues that are me but not me, just linked directly into this blog.  One of these things…. where I’d like to keep my private life away from this as much as possible.

So today I’m jacked in hard to the matrix, connected via Facebook, G+, Twitter and more to be added.  Cross posting like mad to see what takes and what doesn’t.  I think the biggest perk is I’ve pretty much removed all the social media static from my phone which allows me to save battery life and do other stuff other than stare at the phone.  Hopefully you too will become allergic to staring at LCD screens and start noticing what’s going on around you.

Trampled by Turtles @ The Vouge Indy

I’ve been listening to this band for a few years now and finally had the pleasure of seeing them perform live.

What a treat to experience and not to be missed again.  Their progressive bluegrass is a joyous thing to behold upon your ears and even more so live. Slowly getting back into vinyl DJ’ing I decided to grab 2 records and a T-Shirt.  I haven’t bought a shirt at a concert in over 25 years and I love every overpriced dollar I paid for it.   Their music gave me goosebumps throughout their set….. just amazing performance by these guys!!!!

Check them out, definitely a great band to add to your playlists.

Official TBT Website

Pocket Tops

Pocket Tops

Pocket Tops

I saw this video today and I instantly fell in love.  I think I will be getting one soon to put in my arsenal of useless items to play with.

More to come soon after I get one. Damn, all I needed was another hobby’ish thing in my lyfe, but these are really cool none the less.

Upcoming vacation

Asheville, NC

Being pinned down by work, this house and other things in life I am way overdue for a kickass vacation! I’ve decided to embark towards Asheville, NC this year for a mental sabbatical. My annual get together with my dear old friend Oliver has been canceled which we usually sit around my house for a week or two, say nothing during the day as I work from home and he works on his book. In the evening I usually cook us a awesome meal of my caliber and we consume whiskey over ice and solve the problems of the world.

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Long weekend

Wow, what and awesomely long weekend that was.  I started at 8 AM on Friday and went non stop til 4 AM today.  I had a huge BBQ to cook for and I smoked 200 lbs of pork on my big smoker which required me to make about 2 gallons of sauce and 10 lbs of rub.  The smoking process went on for nearly 24 hours by the time we pulled the butt off the smoker.  Anyways it was a huge success and  I’m wore out and still have stuff to pack up and then clean.

I think I am over the big cooks, takes way too much time and energy to do all that solo.


What is Aaron’s Lyfe?

Well, for starters its just a blog!

I’m not sure what it will be other than me documenting my life, experiences and thoughts. It’s one of those things that just doesn’t fit into Facebook, G+, Instagram or other avenues of social media.  I am so over memes, tweets and snap-chats it makes my stomach turn.  If you are going to make the effort to share something with the internet or your friends…. make it worth while!!

I picked up a leather bound journal recently and think it will live in my camera bag indefinitely.  I have this urge to travel again and like many things in life I just enjoy it to it’s fullest.  It is real hard to categorize me, thus the time is upon me to throw it all on a wall and see what sticks.

My favorite definitions of “Lyfe” on Urban Dictionary is this…

Sometimes you can have a Freudian slip and just randomly let out a loud sigh in the middle of class: “LYFE.” that word alone with the presence of the “y” speaks a thousand words.
So I am not sure what it will be or become, I do know my “Lyfe” is fun and adventurous so if it can inspire, change, educate, entertain you or just merely give you another perspective on things then I will consider it a bonus as I air out my thoughts and experiences on the internet.
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