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Notes on Cast Iron Care

A friend shot over this article over to me and asked me my thoughts on it.  So here I am marking it up and adding my thoughts about it.  It is a really good article none the less for someone getting into cast iron cooking but thought I would elaborate more on this topic.  I would suggest you first go over here and enjoy the well put-together read and video and then come back to digest what I am about to throw at you.

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Cast-Iron Pans

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Long weekend

Wow, what and awesomely long weekend that was.  I started at 8 AM on Friday and went non stop til 4 AM today.  I had a huge BBQ to cook for and I smoked 200 lbs of pork on my big smoker which required me to make about 2 gallons of sauce and 10 lbs of rub.  The smoking process went on for nearly 24 hours by the time we pulled the butt off the smoker.  Anyways it was a huge success and  I’m wore out and still have stuff to pack up and then clean.

I think I am over the big cooks, takes way too much time and energy to do all that solo.


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