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Month: September 2018

The Photography World Exploded – 9.25.2018

Today the photography market got shook up even more. Recent dismal announcements from Nikon and Cannon on their entries to the mirrorless market set the tone for anything exciting.  The endless train YouTuber’s regurgitating the same specs over and over since NDA’s are lifted has now quieted down.    What did we learn today?  Today things are starting to change, that’s what!


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Fuji hit a home run with the X-T3

The X-T3

Yesterday I got to get my hands on the new Fuji X-T3 and all I can say is wow!  Last year I looked hard at Fuji yet I still stayed in the Nikon camp by getting the D500 for my APS-C needs.  After using the X-T3 I think Fuji may have knocked it out of the park and stomped the competition.  Buyers remorse? Just a little, I now have no problem rocking a Fuji other than the investment into a new ecosystem.

Fuji X-T3

Fuji X-T3

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