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Month: June 2017

Vape Rant 001

The Vape Rant 001

I decided to start writing my so-called rants and this is a great place to do it.  Not too many people will read it, care about, or even comment it so here I go.  Since I have been reintroduced to the vape community and  market I have some things which I has made me think a little.  Thus me writing these banters to myself just to get it out of my head.

Today I will touch on vape marketing or there lack of it properly.  Way back, when something new and shiny was about to come out, the manufacturers would get items out to reviewers and start testing.  Then they would throw some teasers up on social media to build a little more hype.  Then they would take the time to add the upcoming devices on their websites to list stats, specs and whatnot’s.  By this time the reviewers would get a green light and post up some reviews and point their followers to how much it was and where it was launching at.

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Notes on Cast Iron Care

A friend shot over this article over to me and asked me my thoughts on it.  So here I am marking it up and adding my thoughts about it.  It is a really good article none the less for someone getting into cast iron cooking but thought I would elaborate more on this topic.  I would suggest you first go over here and enjoy the well put-together read and video and then come back to digest what I am about to throw at you.

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Cast-Iron Pans

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The problem with forum over moderation

I won’t go into great detail which forum this happened to me on but I will touch on the subject none the less.   Today I ran into an issue on one of the Vaping forums  (that is known for doing this) and bam, a lot of my posts were deleted under an advocacy discussion.  What had accidentally turned into a slight topic derailment was actually an awesome thing that we find on forums.  People connecting and discussing things that spurred from the original topic.  Obviously this is a personal violation that some moderator deemed inappropriate.

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