Here we go again with vaping

This vape mail issue, hope I’m done for a while.  For nearly 2 years I have been solely using my IPV D2 daily…. still working just fine’ish. In fact when I bought that little guy and topped it with a Crown tank. I was done for the exception of my dripper and slowly tapered my vaping and vape mail down to essentials.  Batteries, DIY stuff, maybe a pack of spare coils just in case the RBA head jacked up.

Fused Clapton on Pharaoh RTA deck

Vape Mail

Since I started back up and also drug my roommate along I guess I had to play a little catch up on the vape mail.  I decided to get a few things and test a few new vendors out to see what was what nowadays.  This is what I got and from where.  I’ll do some follow up posts on my vape mail purchases but is doubtful I will do any sort of in depth review…… there are enough people doing those on YouTube as of now.
A month back in of gearing gearing back up I have stocked piled mods, batteries, DIY juice, attys, cotton, wire, more wire.
I now have the following.
Wismec Predator
Smok Alien
Lost Vape Therion 166
Lost Vape EPetite
3x Pharaoh RTA’s
3x Wotofo Serpernt RDTA’s
iJoy Limitless RDTA
Uwell D2 RTA
….more stuff on the way but I’ll start updating later.  Anyways I am back in full swing and more to come on this topic.

Smok Alien 220 with Gold Pharaoh RTA