Yesterday was a bad day for lightning photography.  Storms were starting to roll in around 8PM. It was just the right time to go find a spot and set up to take some shots at dusk.  I set up just off the side of the road next to a cornfield and got both of my tripods setup.  After about 20 minutes of setting up, staging and waiting for the light to get just right…. I was ran off.

Yes some angry farmer thought I was too close to his corn and started screaming about private property or the roaring of his diesel truck. I’m pretty sure I was still on public easement but the guy looked like he might want to start a fight.  I know, I am such a huge menace to society standing next to a road with cars going but at 60+ MPH, lightning all over just to take a damn picture of a lightning bolt…. Meh!!!

Deciding not to argue with the grumpy man, I just apologized, packed up my gear and went home.  I had to do some work anyways and seemed like the night was a wash anyways.  Was really wanting to use the tripod and new mount and catch the first lightning shot with the S7 Active.



I was wrapping up work around 12AM.  I heard a rumble and popped my head outside.  Sure enough, storms were rolling back in.  I scrambled to load my gear back in the car.  Racing to another spot in the opposite direction I got the S7 Active setup alongside my Nikon 1 J5.  Lightning was popping all over and I was super excited to be getting in this shoot.

I kept shooting and shooting. Bouncing back and forth between my Nikon 1 J5 and the S7 Active.  I knew I had some good shots on the Nikon but didn’t realize what I caught until I had to get back in the car.  Yep, I had it and quite possibly the first lightning bolt ever caught on the Galaxy S7 Active ever!!!!

S7 Active Lightning


Even though the “Pro Mode” does have some SLR type settings and adjustments.  It lacks the ability to do exposure compensation when you have the shutter open more the 1 second.  Shooting at 9 MP at 16X9 format is just awesome though.  It delivers a much wider angle picture over the J5 with the 10-30MM lens.

S7 Active Settings

What I was tickled about, is I did not have to worry about tenting the phone during the shoot. It is an S7 Active.  Its pretty much water proof or like I say… “It’s Aaron Proof!”  I need to play more around with the White Balance settings next time.  Somehow I think in AUTO mode wasn’t the best idea but I did accomplish what I set out to do.  I also have the RAW file for this which I have not processed yet.



Below you will see some awesome shots I got on the Nikon 1 J5. I love this camera and can’t wait to get a few prime lenses for it.  The stock ones are good, but there is some room for improvement.


I’ll post something up later on the setup with the S7 Active.  Hopefully this will inspire you to think outside of the box a little and adapt current technology to doing amazing things.