About a month ago I decided to remove Facebook from my S5A.  I was doing some research on a few things and oddly enough one evening while having a conversation with my roommate on an unrelated topic.  Low and behold ads starting to show up on my Facebook feed about what we were taking about.  This was a freaky moment, I knew Facebook was tracking all sorts of things with their super cookies but this was a little too much.


Last week this a television reported on this which also confirmed my suspicions on the topic.

Spying Secrets: Is Facebook eavesdropping on your phone conversations?

Sophos reported the contrary but after seeing this first hand on my phone I will call BS on Facebook.

Facebook says no, it’s not using your phone’s microphone to spy on you

Not to mention the major security bugs involved with the app as reported below.

Facebook Messenger Users Warned Over ‘Dangerous’ Bug

 At this point this is unacceptable. Lets face it, we now live in the time where data is the new gold rush and advertising is its vessel to the masses. I feel the day that facial recognition and direct marketing as seen in The Minority Report are not far away.


I’ve touched on some of the concerns with messenger but now I’ll dive into the app itself now.  One big thing I noticed  on my old S5 Active was, anytime I added someone in my address book they would show up in my “Suggested Friends” list.  HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!!!  Just by acquiring someone’s cell number that was associated with their account I could find them on FB even though I had no number associated with my Facebook profile.  Or did I?

The more I look around I find numerous articles on how to hack Facebook not to mention they are also tapping the GPS on your phone now to dish adds to you based on where you are at….more WTF???

Facebook taps GPS, Square to track your in-store visits and purchases

Furthermore if you have recently got a new Marshmallow Android phone at AT&T you will note G+ is not installed by default and Facebook and Messenger apps are now part of the AT&T bundled bloatware.  This means you can’t uninstall it.  If you disable it, go to the Application Manger ASAP.  You will see com.facebook.appmanager and com.something.else.related.messenger still there and running.  Force stop them and disable them!!!  Yet another WTF???!!!!


I have disabled all things Facebook from my phone now.  I sometimes pop in via the browser but I feel the need to scroll through endless memes dissipating rather quickly.  I won’t get away 100% from Facebook.  I do enjoy some groups and it is also damn  good at seeing local events.  I also follow a lot of small business and people I find interesting so its nice to get the occasional update from them.  But I don’t need it on my phone anymore.  I’ve also found a good use for Internet Explorer once again and that’s only to log into Facebook on my laptop.

Between the Big Brother experiences and the vulnerabilities with their products, I find it now an unacceptable risk to have this on my mobile device any further.  Other benefits of no longer having Facebook on my phone is extremely improved battery life.   Also I am not doing the meme scrolling thing I mentioned before which is a reason I decided to start blogging anyways.

If I am going to share something on the internet, either it be public or private…. it should be something worthy of sharing!

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