Starting something like this is not as fun as it used to be. After the 100’s of websites I have built over the years the luster of site creation has lost its luster.  Fear not, I prod along wasting bytes of data just to get this thing up to speed.  Lots of work has gone into just setting up separate social media avenues that are me but not me, just linked directly into this blog.  One of these things…. where I’d like to keep my private life away from this as much as possible.

So today I’m jacked in hard to the matrix, connected via Facebook, G+, Twitter and more to be added.  Cross posting like mad to see what takes and what doesn’t.  I think the biggest perk is I’ve pretty much removed all the social media static from my phone which allows me to save battery life and do other stuff other than stare at the phone.  Hopefully you too will become allergic to staring at LCD screens and start noticing what’s going on around you.