Well, for starters its just a blog!

I’m not sure what it will be other than me documenting my life, experiences and thoughts. It’s one of those things that just doesn’t fit into Facebook, G+, Instagram or other avenues of social media.  I am so over memes, tweets and snap-chats it makes my stomach turn.  If you are going to make the effort to share something with the internet or your friends…. make it worth while!!

I picked up a leather bound journal recently and think it will live in my camera bag indefinitely.  I have this urge to travel again and like many things in life I just enjoy it to it’s fullest.  It is real hard to categorize me, thus the time is upon me to throw it all on a wall and see what sticks.

My favorite definitions of “Lyfe” on Urban Dictionary is this…

Sometimes you can have a Freudian slip and just randomly let out a loud sigh in the middle of class: “LYFE.” that word alone with the presence of the “y” speaks a thousand words.
So I am not sure what it will be or become, I do know my “Lyfe” is fun and adventurous so if it can inspire, change, educate, entertain you or just merely give you another perspective on things then I will consider it a bonus as I air out my thoughts and experiences on the internet.
Aaron, on a nice day

Just me on a nice day

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